About The Studio

I have been working in the interior design world on and off all my adult life. It's my passion, the thing I love to do and never tire of.

Sometime's the practicalities of life have got in the way, but finally I have the oppurtunity to focus all my energy and enthusiasm into building my business with the launch of my design studio in Chorleywood.

 The showroom offers a full range of services and stocks many beautiful pieces for your home.


I also specialise in bespoke finishes. 

Often clients have useful furniture that just does not fit into their new scheme. I love giving an old piece of furniture a new lease of life, they become a unique piece of art within a scheme and sometimes "you walk into the room , just to admire it"


..... or so I've been told !



Design around your interests to add a personal touch to your home.
Complete design service
Give an old piece a new lease of life.
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