The Old Village Hall

The Square in Latimer hides five unusual homes you wouldnt believe were there.


​Taking on one of these became a huge challenge. Once two seperate properties, a three bedroom one story home and the old village hall alongside.


Whilst not actually listed parts of the hall dated back to 1600 and we wanted to retain the appearance, at least from the outside. The hall had to be secured with a large steel frame inside and then hidden with huge oak beams. We also had to tank it out to make it dry , so added an underfloor heating system at the same time. The beams where a harsh black , so we had the whole hall sandblasted, but it was worth it to see that lovely oak wood again.

We sectioned the stage area off for a new kitchen and built a huge feature fireplace in front of it. We also discovered a huge loft area that enabled us to build up from the mezzanine and gain a stunning master suite.


I picked up four huge church window frames at a reclaim yard and used them to create a number of features in the hall and the property attached , to help bring them together as one.

Some old wooden garage doors also made a stunning feature doorway into the newly constructed dining room , formed from the original living room of the attached property.




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