Onslow Square






It's a different world

I loved the history of this building, originally one family home, the apartment I was asked to refurbish would probably have been the servants quarters at one time. At the top of the house it did not benefit from the high ceilings of the apartments below, but was very spacious and generously proportioned , so nothing structural was required. The challenge was to bring light to a rather gloomy space and with small windows this was going to have to come from additional lighting and decor finishes.

My clients were every designers dream , they loved my storyboards and gave me free reign with the finishing touches. 

I made use of the open shelves that ran across the main reception and had glass sliding doors made to run the full length, providing loads of storage as well as a lovely feature that worked well with the wallpaper and other finishes.

The new kitchen  blends modern with some of the more classic finishes around it and a bespoke oak dining table made a stunning feature in the kitchen area and mirrored the curved shape of the lighting boards created for the living area to add more light.

Both bathrooms were updated and by removing the bulky tiled sink in the family bathroom and replacing it with a slim glass one , the room immediatly opened up.